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Winter 2010 : Feature

Love Rocks

A couple who met en route to a concert composed a winter wedding that just may be the beginning of their greatest hits

When planning a winter wedding, you desperately wish for—but can’t dictate—a timely snowfall to add to the décor. No wedding planner is adept enough to order that. But when Devon Wyatt and Dan Bird planned their picture perfect wedding, it was hard to go wrong, whether the snow showed up or not. She’s a drop-dead gorgeous blonde fashion plate; he’s the debonair lead of his own rock band. Their wedding was destined to be epic.

The couple met in Dallas, where Devon was working as a buyer for Neiman Marcus. She and her roommate were leaving a rodeo when they were invited to pile into a Hummer full of people heading to a party being filmed for the CMT network. Her roommate, being the more adventurous of the two, dragged Devon into the car over her sensible protests, where her future husband was waiting. “We really hit it off that night,” she recalls, “but at the time he was driving a tour bus for big country music acts like Big and Rich, so the tour schedule kept him on the road a lot. But he called the next weekend to say he’d be back in town soon and would like to take me out.” Eventually, Devon moved to Nashville where Dan was forming his own band, the Dan Bird Band, and after about three years together they decided to get married.

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