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Fall 2011 : Design School

mantel piece

Houston designer Johnathan Andrew Sage creates an “over-the-top” arrangement

My inspiration for this arrangement comes from the fall materials I chose to incorporate. I enjoy using natural materials that have a wild or organic look, which give a finished arrangement its own individual character and style. Perfect for celebrating a holiday or special event at home, this mantelpiece installation is a great way to spruce up your fireplace.

1) Start by attaching a plywood base to an elm stump, which will allow you to have a sturdy base for the installation. This can be done with an electric screwdriver and deck screws.
2) Next, stand the elm stump upright and use wire to attach sturdy branches to it. This will be the structure for attaching flowers. I chose winged elm branches, but any type of sturdy branch would be fine.
3) To create the first design element and build form, attach branches of maple foliage to the structure.
4) Take the pre-soaked Oasis and place it into a crevice of the elm stump. The Oasis is good for holding some tall branches in place at the bottom of the installation.

Learn the entire step-by-step process to create this special mantle installation in our Fall 2011 issue.