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Taigan pop-up shop

September 12th, 2014

Join us next week, September 16-18, at the Taigan pop-up shop at gallery 1930—did we mention you get 20% off your purchase? Taigan is bringing a range of chic and unique vendors…click here for a preview. See you there!


Cheers to fall

September 5th, 2014

School has started, football is in full swing, and the weekends are jam-packed with places to go and things to do—fall is here. We are excited to welcome a new season! Bring on the jewel tone palettes, mums, pumpkins, bonfires, and all other splendid things fall, but in the meantime…


Arrangement by Stephen Sonnier | Photo by Eugenia Uhl

Enjoy your weekend

August 30th, 2014


Flowers by Christina Springfield of Nouveau Flowers | Photo by Paul Johnson

Thomas Jayne’s hostess gift picks

August 28th, 2014

In our July/August issue, we featured go-to hostess gifts from a few of our flower friends. As we head toward the last hurrah of summer, Labor Day, we share a few additional thoughts from one of our favorite interior designers, Thomas Jayne, who also happens to be a consummate host and always-thoughtful guest:


“My strategy for not arriving empty-handed at a party is manifold. First, I am reminded of Barbara Walters, who sends bouquets from her florist before the party (usually the morning of or day before) with a note that she is looking forward to a wonderful evening. Of course, it is bad form to arrive to dinner with flowers that require arranging, so at our house we have a universal vase to accommodate those well-meaning gestures when we’re on the receiving end. We’ll try to arrange them for the party if at all possible and if the soufflé will survive. Chocolate is always welcome: thin mints from Fortum & Mason or crème brûlée confections from Kee’s. When I’m in California, I bring See’s lollipops if the hostess has a particular sense of fun.


However, the best gifts are delivered after the party or visit, when an ideal gift can be identified. Say a certain book title is mentioned and located, or the dearth of a good corkscrew is remedied, or a handsome flower vase is found. Recently we had a perfect houseguest. She did not arrive bearing gifts; instead when she left there was a selection of cheeses that Richmond especially likes (the gooey and smelly kind), red wine for me, and a pair of wooden toaster tongs—a tool that Richmond mentioned he did not have.

I add a piece of good advice a Parisian host once offered me: He suggested a case of Champagne for every week spent in someone’s home. We’re still searching for that kind of houseguest, by the way. Really you can never go wrong with chocolates or Champagne. There is always a way to employ these luxurious commodities, and hence they are perfect demonstrations of gratitude.”—THOMAS JAYNE



flower in Dallas

August 26th, 2014

When I told people I was headed to Dallas, in August, I witnessed lots of raised eyebrows and “stay hydrated” type words of wisdom—understandable. However, as I hail from Birmingham, Alabama, the Big D in late summer didn’t scare ME! Plus 3 fabulous Dallas flower friends, (Heather Furniss, Laurie Towns, and Cathy Williamson of The Middle Page blog) were hosting a reception for the magazine and me. Having lived there and interned for a decorator in the late 70’s, I’m partial to that part of the world with its big vision, generous spirit and all-in attitude. My hostesses were the embodiment of their city’s graces and the party reflected that—flowers by local luminary Todd Fiscus of Avant Garden and Heather Furniss, cleverly-themed food and drink, and a hand drawn and printed invitation, and set in an early 20th-century, chicly and thoughtfully appointed French-style house in Highland Park.

I also snuck in a visit to the Dallas Arboretum. For a city in the middle of Texas, in August, Dallas sure was lush and green, and oh so delightful. I love my job.


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flower friends and hostesses, Cathy Williamson, Heather Furniss, and Laurie Towns