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Thanksgiving table centerpiece

November 21st, 2014

“This is an elegant, more formal arrangement that makes for a beautiful centerpiece. Almost any flower can be substituted, but my personal favorite is the carnation, as it is frilly and rich, fills the space beautifully, and has a long life once cut. For this wreath you’ll need a 16 “ floral foam wreath on a plastic base.”–MARGOT SHAW

Supply List

  • 5 bunches carnations (deep red)
  • snips
  • 16″ floral foam wreath on plastic base; glass cylinder vase
  • 1 cream colored floating candle


Step 1. Soak the floral foam for at least three hours.

Step 2. Once soaked, place the floral foam on plastic-covered table or countertop.


Step 3. Cut a carnation and poke it in the soaked floral foam to determine the length you’ll need.

Step 4. Then cut all your flowers about the same length.


Step 5. Work from the inside of the wreath out, and gently press the stems into the floral foam so that all you see is the bloom. (You’ll find that carnations when massed, as in this treatment, provide a really lush look.


Step 6. Fill up every inch of the wreath so that there’s no floral foam showing.


Step 7. Once you finish, put the wreath in the sink and let the excess water drain off.

Step 8. Then move the wreath to a dining room table, coffee table, or even a sideboard.


Step 9. Once in place, add a 4.5-inch by 14-inch glass cylinder filled 2/3 of the way with water to the center of the wreath.

Step 10. Place a cream-colored floating candle in the water, light, and voila—a holiday centerpiece that will last between 5 to 7 days.

Originally produced by North Avenue Post for How To Decorate

Elizabeth’s Christmas list

November 19th, 2014

Elizabeth, one of flower‘s Advertising Account Executives, has a love for cooking and relaxation…

“This is my favorite time of year—I get to bake as many cookies, cakes, bars, and candies as I want! I’m most looking forward to being home in the warm Florida weather with my family and precious canine, Magnolia.”–ELIZABETH PEELEN


1. Maya Check Short Pajama Set via: Marigot | 2. Make It Ahead cookbook by Ina Garten via: Barefoot Contessa | 3. Everett sunglasses via: Warby Parker | 4. Slane Bee Yellow Gold Earrings with Omega Style Back, Small via: Barton Clay | 5. Cast Iron Starter Set in Dune via: Le Creuset

Amaryllis love

November 17th, 2014



Photo by Liesa Cole | Produced by Pamela Hollon | Vase: Jonathan Adler’s Glass Menagerie Cat Vase

Kim’s Christmas List

November 14th, 2014

Kim, flower‘s Assistant to the Editor-in-Chief, has her eye on finds for herself and her home…

“This year for Christmas I’m simply hoping to share the holidays with friends and family, enjoying wonderful holiday food, and of course, sharing gifts from some of my favorite places.”–KIM CALLAWAY



1. Bracelets by Thistle & Bee via: Beverly Bremer Silver Shop | 2. 19th-century Pottery via: The Gables Antiques | 3. 29 Cosmetics Grape seed Anti-oxidant Soap Set via: Taigan  | 4. Mendocino Satchel by 49 Square Miles via: Taigan | 5. Red & Berry Pink Herringbone Scarf by A.Barclay via: Taigan

Classic, delicate, and glamorous

November 12th, 2014


Photo by Becky Luigart-Stayner