Fashion designer turned floral on her wedding day

Rebeca Minkoff—fashion designer known for her edgy handbags, inventive ready-to-wear, and web/ social media savvy—teamed up with the Ronald McDonald House Young Leadership Board to host their 5th annual Red Stiletto Party at our local Saks back in March. As wonderful as the fashion show, swag, and refreshments were, my favorite thing about Rebecca coming to town was that it afforded me the opportunity to meet her/chat with her earlier that day. What a treat!

With Rebecca’s particularly floral Spring/ Summer 2013 collection, this “flower girl” could not wait to delve into her design ethos. When prompted about her favorite flowers, Rebecca mentioned that she designed her wedding flower arrangements herself! Not only is this an amazing feat in itself (even for a self-proclaimed DIYer), but also Rebecca and now husband, Gavin Bellour, tied the knot in Tuscany. Can you imagine the logistics?




All photos by Eric Ray Davidson, Brad Kugler, and Andrew de Francesco.

One of the flowers used in the wedding arbor also happens to be Rebecca’s favorite autumn flower. Can you guess which one it is? Find out in the Fall issue of flower magazine. Also, check out the full Q & A here.