Mary's Favorite Flower

Written by: Mary Carpenter, intern

Photo Credit: Jason Wallis

Although I was raised by a mother who is a flower advocate, and live in a state known for Barnsley Gardens and the annual Southeastern Flower Show, I, sadly, hardly knew the difference between a rose and a peony before I came to intern at flower.  When asked what my favorite flower was, I used to choose the red carnation because I liked the fluffiness of the flower, and I also knew they’re dead cheap. I never really cared for or noticed the intricate details of flowers. However, my horizons have been broadened since working here and my favorite flower has since changed.

While researching many different blooms for an upcoming project for flower, I’ve learned more about the multifaceted sides of flowers, and I have come to love the ranunculus the most. My favorites are yellow and orange because they are bright and cheerful, able to put anyone in a happy mood. Their size is just as perfect, opening and blooming to their fullest with so many layers. These flowers give much light and are beautiful in any purpose.

I can’t wait for this spring to pick some up and have them welcome me home everyday!